Shenorock Junk Removal

fully licensed and insured




Are you looking to get rid of a hot tub? Don’t waste your time and money with one of our costly competitors. Instead, choose SJR Junk Removal & Sanitation for your hot tub removal at an affordable price.

  • We require all of our customers to have a qualified election or plumber remove the plumbing, electricity, and gas if necessary before we can start removing the hot tub.
  • We may cut the hot tub into several pieces to make it easier for our Shenorock team to carry.
  • Next, we haul each of the sections to our truck so we can take them away for proper disposal.
  • Lastly, we charge you a fair price that’s more than reasonable than our competitors.  


SJR Junk Removal & Sanitation makes getting rid of your old shed easy!

  • One. Our skilled crew will demo your old shed. We’ll take it down safely and gather all debris.
  • Two. Then we’ll load every last bit into our junk removal truck. We don’t stop until your space is free of debris!
  • Three. Finally, we’ll haul all shed debris away and make sure it’s disposed of properly.

All you have to do is choose SJR Junk Removal & Sanitation to get it done! But what if that old shed is just part of the problem?


You can expect SJR Junk Removal & Sanitation to do whatever it takes to remove your old decks safely!

  • Convenient. We’ll work within your timeline to complete the deck demolition on time.
  • Professional. Our crew is experienced and properly trained to remove decks and debris.
  • Insured. We are adequately insured, so you can rest assured that our staff and your home are protected.


After a heavy storm, your once spotless green lawns become a real mess. Fallen sticks, leaves, and branches can prove quite the mess. You might also need some general landscaping help, such as getting rid of bushes, shrubs, and other small plants. So count on SJR Junk Removal & Sanitation to provide the yard waste removal you need.

  • Our full-service team does all the work, so you don’t have to. We haul away all your yard scraps and take them to our truck.
  • We always arrive on time, prepared to work. Expect us to show up within the provided 2-hour arrival window.
  • Accept our upfront quote, and we will start working on your lawn right away, ensuring we collect all the yard waste.